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Tape-in Extensions Aftercare

Unleash the long-lasting beauty of your tape-in extensions with our comprehensive Tape-In Extensions Aftercare guide! Following these expert tips from our skilled technicians will ensure your extensions stay gorgeous and glamorous for weeks to come. From gentle brushing and washing techniques to heat styling recommendations and summer care essentials, this guide equips you with everything you need to maximize the lifespan and stunning look of your tape-in extensions.

  • Gentle Brushing & Washing: Before getting your extensions wet, brush them gently with a boar bristle brush. Secure your hair at the root and brush from root to tip. Limit washing to 3 times per week, and avoid shampooing for the first 48 hours after installation. When washing, focus the shampoo on your scalp using your fingertips. Gently massage the shampoo between the tape/bonds to remove residue and oil, then rinse thoroughly. Remember, avoid vigorous scrubbing!
  • Conditioning & Sleeping: Apply conditioner only from mid-length to ends, never at the root of your extensions. Avoid sleeping with wet hair; a loose braid is ideal.
  • Heat Styling: You can style your extensions as desired, but never use a blow dryer or flat iron directly on the tape/bond area. Start styling below the tape/bonds and use a heat protectant spray on the ends of your extensions to minimize heat damage.
  • Activities & Sun Protection: Before swimming, working out, or spending time outdoors, secure your extensions in a braid or under a cap for added protection.
  • Summer Care: For chlorine or saltwater exposure, take extra steps to protect your extensions. Soak your hair with clean water beforehand and apply a leave-in conditioner to minimize absorption of chlorine or salt. Wear your hair in a ponytail or braid, and rinse thoroughly with clean water after getting out.

By following these Tape-In Extensions Aftercare tips, you’ll extend the lifespan of your extensions and maintain their stunning look. Enjoy the confidence and beauty of your tape-in extensions for longer!

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