The Kyle Kurtis Team of professionals support one another. If you would like to experience another technician, please feel free to do so without reservation.

Amy – Owner, Esthetician, Permanent Cosmetics, Lash Extensions
Casey – Stylist 
Judy – Stylist 
Mary – Stylist Mary - Sr.Stylist, NP Location
Danielle – Esthetician Danielle
Alissa – Massage Therapist Alissa
Caryl – Massage Therapist Caryl
Laura – Nail Tech 
Brandie – Nail Tech Brandie
Helena – Jr. Stylist Helena-Jr. Stylist, NP Location
Natalie – Stylist Natalie - Sr. Stylist, PC Location
Yuliya – Nail Tech Yuliya - Nail Tech, NP Location
Traci – Esthetician 
Fran – Stylist 
Amber – Esthetician/Nail Tech 
Elize – Stylist
Laura H. – Nail Tech
Denise – Stylist 
Brooklin – Stylist 
Samantha – Stylist
Stephanie – Massage Therapist